5 Common Conditions Massage Therapy Can Treat

Massage therapy involves applying pressure to the body in a variety of ways to
help ease; stress, anxiety, promote relaxation, pain, tight muscles, muscle strains,
reduce blood pressure, reduce heart rate, and increase blood flow to certain
areas. It is often viewed as a luxury treatment, but it is also covered by most
extended health benefits.

There are several different types of massage therapy, and some of the most
common ones include; Swedish massage, trigger point massage, lymphatic
drainage massage, pre-natal massage, sports massage, and relaxation massage.
Here are 5 of the most common conditions massage therapists can help with:

1. Muscle strains
Muscles strains are very common and can occur in anyone from elite
athletes to someone injured at work. They can be very painful and greatly
affect your ability to do every day tasks. Symptoms of a muscle strain
typically include pain when putting the injured muscle on a stretch or using
the injured muscle in any way. Massage therapy can help reduce the
amount of swelling and pain associated with a strain by assisting the
drainage of the inflammation or blood in the area. Massage therapy can
also help reduce scar tissue which will help quicken recovery and improve

2. Headaches
Headaches can be caused by tight muscles originating in the jaw, upper
shoulders and back of the neck. Massage therapy can help reduce muscle
tension in these areas by increasing blood flow to the area and reducing
stress. Stress, sitting at a desk for long periods, or overusing certain muscles
can lead to headaches.

3. Scar Tissue
Massage therapy can help break up scar tissue due to injuries that have
occurred. Massage therapy can help break up scar tissue even years after
an accident has occurred. Sometimes after experiencing superficial or deep
tissue tearing or injury the body lays down an excess of collagen that can

lead to scarring. You may notice your skin looks different or feels harder
than the rest of your skin. This is a scar, and it can affect joint mobility and
even cause pain. Massage therapy can help break down this tough tissue
and sometimes even reduce the look of the scar.

4. Stress
In todays world, stress is more and more prevalent and can lead to pain,
dysfunction, depression, and anxiety. Massage therapy can help alleviate
stress and problems associated with stress by helping to lower cortisol
levels in the body.

5. Chronic pain
Chronic pain can be due to many things. Physical injury, mental trauma,
and chronic conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia can lead to chronic
pain. Chronic pain is considered when pain has persisted in an area for over
3 months. It can vary in severity and sensation (sharp and shooting or dull
and aching). Massage therapy has been shown to be beneficial in alleviating
chronic pain by reducing stress levels, increasing blood flow, and flexibility
in joints and muscles.
Massage therapy can be helpful for a variety of issues and has been proven to
help with chronic pain, muscle tension, headaches and stress. If you have never
had a massage before or are considering trying one for your issues, we are happy
to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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