Meet Jordan!   

Jordan is our local physiotherapist aide.

Hey! I’m Jordan! I was born and raised in Prince George and graduated from D.P. Todd secondary school. Outside of the clinic you can find me biking/skiing the trails over BC, the gym and at the track coaching youth athletes or training myself, I will be attending physio school in September 2023 And extremely grateful to be able to expand my knowledge and clinic experience by working here until I head off to continue my journey.



Meet Jordan

What made you decide to you wanted to work in a clinic environment.

Since elementary, my parents had me in a handful of sports and as I grew up my love for being active and healthy never left. Fast forward to 2020, I graduated and have had my experiences competing at provincial and national levels, and as a track coach for 5+ years. Turning my focus from an athlete to more of a coach really opened my eyes and having everyone reach for more. I bring this mindset into the clinic because being able to get patients back to what they love doing is the greatest accomplishment.

Favorite things to do on the weekend!

My weekends consist of biking every week after getting hooked from my first biking trip to whistler with the boys!

Playing poker with my friends and taking their money is always a great bonus.

High chances you’ll see me going for a run on the weekend.

Teaching my newly blind dog how go up and down stairs.

Also like to binge watch Netflix or YouTube

Quick Round!

Favourite genre:    Hip hop/rap
Club or couch on Friday night:   Club
Any superpower:   Super speed
Places I’ve travelled to:    Florida, Honduras, all over BC and AB
Places I want to go:   Australia, Germany, Mexico, Thailand,
Greatest fear:     Closterphobic
Favourite sports to do/play:   Xcountry and downhill skiing, Mountain/downhill biking, Beach volleyball, Track, Golf
Favourite sports to watch:    UFC, Football, Track
Juice or pop:    Juice